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Creating new life from quality clothing

 What’s at the back of your wardrobe?

We’ve all done it… bought items of clothing, worn them once or twice and then, for some reason, we fall out of love with them.  Maybe we’ve lost weight, its dated quickly, it’s too long or the fit isn’t quite right. Perhaps it’s too expensive to send to the charity shop and, actually, we still like the fabric and so we’re not too sure what to do with it ... so it sits, sad and neglected, at the back of the wardrobe.


This is where re|fashion can help, offering restyling, re-cutting and revamping of quality clothes. If you love some aspect of the garment and you’ve paid a lot for it, the quality of the fabric should be good enough to withstand reworking – these are the sort of items worth giving a new lease of life.


I offer free consultations from my studio at The Fold, in Bransford, Worcs. If you bring your items along I’ll give you an honest opinion of what can be done, or not, to bring it back to life. I tackle anything from a small tweak to make it fit properly, to complete restyling.

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For more info...


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